gagamatch as the world’s largest dating site users are now being attacked repeatedly, these users may be dissatisfied with gagamatach service or fraud prevention because of their own sense of hurt is not strong so he carried on gagamatch malicious attack

Attack, although many of the staff people gagamatch unprovoked correction, repeated verbal attacks were malicious people, still provide this service to us as a spectator I deeply regret, if you feel you have a problem someone else’s website do not gratuitous

Slander someone else’s site, but rather to provide users with the knowledge of some anti-cheat, facebook is such a great site which does not know how many liars, these are the human can not contain, if a site by site slander others to improve their visibility I feel

This approach is shameful, they are being cast aside, the inherent value of the site is to give users happy, as well as personalized service, each site needs to survive, so each site will receive the appropriate services If you are on the site

Activities not required to provide services of course will not charge fees is consensual, customers also pay through their thoughtful.

If a person lost interest in the site the site may be feeling kind of bad, the site will begin to generate dissatisfaction. Even to malicious attacks, with such practices are inhumane in any country, are being cast aside. The world should be

The good look at ourselves, can not be controlled by their own desires, in fact, is a living site.

If a site purpose is to deceive the user’s feelings then such sites will not be very long, I just started operations from gagamatch to registered members, I have been on this site a lot of fun, I also witnessed the development of this site , which

Sites have experienced a lot of revision, each with their customer service problem with my language to explain to me, sometimes I can ask them a question a dozen times, but they are still patiently explained to me, I do not take it lightly denied gagamatch there are some

People use the services provided gagamatch do improper things, but the site is to provide translation services, so many things we can to increase our own awareness, to inform other users not to be used by some people, these are often ill

People are using websites to deceive users of services provided, in fact, I contacted their customer service, their customer service that can only be based on user complaints and reports to deal with, facebook web site so much can not avoid this kind of thing, not to mention gagamatch this also

In the young site, so in addition to the problem we can not blame him to the site, we have a responsibility to themselves, if each of us have seen clear evidence of fraud on the prosecution that they will. Each site has its own problems, but we need everyone

Joint efforts of people, so each of us to unite and co-operate, but also the Internet a clean environment! 

More concerned about the world more of a love!  gagamatch  and you pass! !